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Auricular RunPhones Bluetooth Medium
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Medium 60-65 cm / 23-26 inches
RunPhones® headphones are the world’s most comfortable headphones for fitness and are guaranteed to stay put! The product’s innovative, over the ear design features ultra-slim, flat speakers embedded inside of a sporty, moisture-wicking, machine-washable headband.

Nothing goes inside your ears so they are genuinely comfortable to wear! Put an end to the age-old earbud power struggle.

RunPhones® benefits:

Allow ambient noise to filter through for greater safety
Removable speakers & machine-washable headband
Keeps hair back & sweat out of face
No more ear bud battles!
Great for running, cross training, weight lifting, yoga, boxing & much more!
RunPhones® Wireless features:

Superior sound quality
Eco-friendly, lead-free electronics
Sync with any Bluetooth enabled device
Stream music up to 30 feet away
Battery life: Up to 13 hours
Choose from 4 vibrant colors
All RunPhones are backed by a one-year guarantee